For expats

Have you just moved to Stockholm? Will you be staying here for a while? You are not a tourist, not a local (yet). You may want to get to know Stockholm as well as the Swedish way of living. I know the feeling. I myself have moved to another side of the world, twice. In 1991 I moved to Moscow for a four year stay as a freelance correspondent. In 2003 I moved to the Middle East. This time I was not only a journalist. I was also a  mother of three, with all that including. I know  what it is like to walk around with big eyes, and at the same time try to come into something like an everyday routine as soon as possible. I would be glad helping you finding your way in Stockholm!

Along the green line

A trip along the "green line" at the metro. The green line, stretching from the suburb Hässelby in the north to the suburb Farsta in the south, is 41 kilometer long. During this line you will find a lot of different kinds of areas, representing different eras in the history of Stockholm. They have also different architectonic as well as social character and by visiting them you can learn about the the diversity of Stockholm. We go by metro along the green line and do some stops during the way. Of course we see the city centre. At the stations we also take a look at the paintings that decorates some of the walls. (Above Farsta centrum.)

Duration: 2 hours
Price: 30 euro/ person (minimun 5 persons)
Start: T-centralen
End: T-centralen
Accessibility: Elevators in the metro stations.

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Swedish habits and traditions

You might have read in books about how Swedes celebrate different holidays and what we like (and do not like so much). It could be ”everybody sings that crazy song about small frogs at midsummer” and ”nobody visits religious services expect for Christmas”. None of this is true. On this tour at the outdoor museum Skansen we discuss Swedish traditions and habits. As we see the old historical houses and the Nordic animals, we explore the true behind the sayings and hear about the Swedish way of life from inside. Tips are served. As even though there is usually nothing ”wrong”, it could be nice to do almost all the others do… 

Duration: 2 hours
Start: Entrance, Skansen, Djurgården
Stop: Entrance, Skansen, Djurgården
Price: 35 euro/ person. Includes entrance fee to Skansen.
Accessibility: Fully accessible

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Sweden by music

Why not take a look at the Swedish music? You must of course listen to pop artists such as ABBA and Roxette. And you should listen to classical compositors such as Wilhelm Stenhammar and Hugo Alfvén. But you should not forget the Swedish folk music. It says a lot about our mentality and soul. During this program we go through some of the most well known folk music pieces from different parts of Sweden. We do it with help of the traditional instrument nyckelharpa. We will explain some folk dances and try to sing some easy songs. And hand on hart, do you really know our national hymn...? Don´t worry. We´ll take it as well.

Duration: 1,5 hour
Place: Your choice. I have suggestions.
Price: 150 euro/ session

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Please see also my other tours in English. Some of them focus on specific topics in the Swedish society and if you want to dig deeper into specific areas, just sign up. See Tours with a topic .For more music and folk culture, please see the History and folk music tour. You will have history, culture and geography in one day. If your Swedish language is reasonable good, you are more than welcome to the tour Stockholm för nyanlända (Stockholm for immigrants). We speak Swedish in a slow and easy way and go through some of the structure of the Swedish society. If you have any other ideas and wishes, just contact me!



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